What does OEM, aftermarket, non genuine and genuine really mean?

Some people consider that OEM and aftermarket are the same. They are not. There are after-market parts that are manufactured and supplied by companies who have never supplied to BMW Mercedes or Audi , never passed any of quality systems and therefore we will not use them.

It is important to ensure that when you take your car to a service centre, the technicians use OEM parts (or genuine), this means your motor vehicle is not suffering in any way. You are just saving money, sometimes as much as 50%.

We use parts from ATE, Hengst, Knecht, Mahle, Bosch, NGK, INA, FAG, ZF, Behr, SWF, Elring, Victor Reinz, Continental, Lemforder, Valeo, Beru and many other European manufacturers that are all OEM suppliers to BMW Mercedes or Audi. And of course we also use genuine.


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