We are conscious of not servicing your vehicle enough

If your vehicle was manufactured after 2001 it has an on board service interval indicator that allows you to travel 25,000 kms before telling you it requires a service.

After many years removing engine rocker covers to see the inside of an engine clogged up with oil sludge and carbon deposits (oil mud), it is clear that even the best fully synthetic oil, Elf 5W-40, the oil German Auto Service use, needs changing after 25,000 kms.

All cars, German or not, run a higher risk of breaking down without regular servicing.

Remember, by the time the problems arise from excessively long service intervals your vehicle will be well out of warranty. 


Bringing your vehicle into German Auto Service on time will ensure your German car gets exactly the care it needs, when it needs it, no more and no less.

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Always ensure that you bring your German car for a service on time.

Your German car may run a higher risk of breaking down if it is not regularly serviced.

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